What is 3d Animation ? how to do 3d animation ?

To know What is 3D Animation? in 3D Gaming?.

Now every part of game that you see and visualise is 3D Animation. For example –
Suppose you are playing a game and your character is in a corridor of a spaceship,
Now whatever you see are 3D objects like walls around you 3D objects shaped like walls 3D textures on them, textures are colours that we paint on 3D objects, you have an enemy in front of you no that enemy is also just 3D character , that is a character that is made in 3D.

Now that’s know a bit about Different Parts of 3D Animation –

1) 3D Modelling.

3D modelling is categorised in two different categories that every 3D game contains it is very important to know for how to make 3D games 3D models are very basic requirement.

These two categories are –

black cat 3d model
3D Model of a Cat

1) 3D Inorganic modelling –
Inorganic name comes from physical laws of nature as you know every living being is organic and every non living thing is inorganic and hence,
This category contains everything that is representation of non living thing in 3D,
And hence the name 3D Inorganic modelling,
Some examples-
Walls, fancy Cars,laser Guns, gadgets,Aircrafts

boeing f-18 3d model
Inorganic Models like Aircraft

2) 3D organic modelling-
Same laws of nature defines organic as living beings , so every 3D representation of a living being whether real or fictional or mythical 3D organic modelling
and hence name 3D organic models
Some fun examples are –
Wild Animals, werewolf , birds- Collection of birds 3D Model Rigged and Low Poly, Deer –

deer 3d model
Organic 3d model like deer.

Show the basic as we make a 3D model now the next step is to texture it –
Show a next part is

Software suggestions – blender, maya, 3DS Max, zbrush

2) 3D Texturing

When we make a 3D model, next we have to add some colours on it look good for our games
3D texturing means colouring art on these 3D model,
For this part we can use number of softwares for Coloring our 3D models.

Coronavirus covid-19 3d model
Coronavirus covid-19 3d model without texture
Coronavirus covid-19 3d model
Coronavirus covid-19 3d model with texture

3) 3D rigging

When we have made our 3D model, no we have to give it a way to control it, tak we have a character in a game that is walking running and jumps,
The character is animated, and all these animations are made from controlling characters movement,
So in order to do this, we attach bones to our character and from those bones we can give character the movements,
That combination of movements might result in walking.

black cat 3d model
rigged black cat 3d model with bone setup

For example –

  • Making a 3D character
  • Texturing the 3D character
  • Rigging the 3D character (skeleton structure)
  • Animating the 3D character controlling the body from the bones be added in Breaking

Suggested software – blender, maya, 3DS Max.

Now with the step we have a basic knowledge of 3D.

Note – you don’t have to make 3D assets and characters or any animations yourself for makeing your game.

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